23 March to 30 March 2009

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Another week has gone by at Simbambili, the bush is still extremely thick and green, and we are still having the odd bit of rain here and there, but nothing to heavy. The mornings are changing rapidly and all of us are having to put on one or two jerseys on before we head off on drive, we can all see that winter is nearing in the bush.

Even though the bush is very thick it hasn't lessened our sightings at all. It has just made us all work a little harder. This has all paid off as the game viewing this week has been phenomenal with lions being seen every day this week as well as leopards. On at least 3 days this week all the big 5 were seen on drive.

On the lion side, we have had 3 of the Mapogo coalition around the whole week, one of the brothers seem to have broken his leg, proberly trying to kill a buffalo or a giraffe. This has hindered his movements quiet a lot, so he has not been able move to much with his brothers and has been separated quite a few times .Even though the other two have been away from him they still seem to make their way back to him. This is very lucky for the injured one as he is unable to hunt for himself, so he is totally dependent on his brothers for food, we will keep you updated on his progress.

The leopards have been plentiful with Mafunyane and Safari being seen on a few occasions mating with each other. Tyson was also seen this week, but spent a day around the area but them moved off. Salayexe was also seen this week and she looked like she was lactating, so we are all hoping that she might have some new arrivals for us.

The highlight of the week on the leopard front was when we found Nyeleti and her cub which now has been given the name of Mbilo which means 'survivor' on an impala kill, Nyeleti had managed to kill a fully grown male impala and hoist it into the tree. This provided us with great leopard viewing for four days. Nyeleti is still showing a lot of aggression towards the young cub, the cub is obviously just not getting the message from its mother, in sure it is only a matter or of time until the part forever.

Elephants have been everywhere this week, especially around the camp, we were lucky enough to see a baby elephant that was only hours old, it was so small that it was still very unstable on its feet. The mother was very protective of the young one so we gave her and her little on the space they needed.

Rhinos and buffalo also have been great this week with us seeing a very large "crash" consisting of 6 individuals, this is definitely one of the larger crashes I have seen in this area. A buffalo herd of 350 has also been moving in and out this week, this has proved some fine sightings when we have come across them at the waterholes with all 350 buffalo drinking and wallowing in the water.

General game has been great as we have seen loads of zebra, giraffe and wildebeest, and the birds have also been fantastic with sightings of bateleur eagles and brown snake eagles been recorded. Ground hornbills were also seen which is very lucky as they are extremely endangered at the moment.


The Simbambili Team 


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