30 March to 5 April 2009

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As we are entering autumn it is noticeable that most of the migrating and hibernating animals and birds are preparing for their journeys resulting in fewer sightings of these species. The trees and the grass are slowly losing their lush green coloration and the plains game species are getting more active as the bush become drier.

We have seen more than 17 giraffe this week in one area and zebra and wildebeest almost daily. Elephant were spotted wallowing in Serengeti Dam and we watched them having their famous mud baths in the early mornings. One morning whilst watching the elephant we could hear baboon alarm calls and we followed up to find that Tyson, the territorial male leopard, was the reason behind the baboons distress.

He was lazily lying under a buffalo thorn watching the baboons rallying their youngsters to get out of harm's way.

The female leopard, Salayexe was next on our list and we watched her hunt, unfortunately with no luck!

Nyeleti, another female leopard, was sighted on Londolozi's boundary heading south whereas her 1 year old daughter Mbilo was seen close to Serengeti on an impala kill. If this young female made this kill herself we have hope that she will be a constant sighting in this area and will grow into a beautiful leopard capable of feeding and fending for herself.

The Simbambili Team


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